Robert Kunnaway

My name is Kunnaway (Youngbear) I'm Pennacook Native American. My walkbesides name is Awabejiwani (Eveningbirdwoman)  she is Mohawk, and we both teach our culture. We teach at the local schools in the area, and also at the Southern Unvisity of New Hampshire. We don't charge a fee, but do ask for donations. We both are members of New Hampshire Intertribal of Laconia, New Hampshire, and Laconia Indian Histrocal association. Also are  members of the Metis Nation of United States and Canada.
 I am also a Native flute player
and storyteller to learn more about my
Custom Flutes visit the website below
Here is one of many of my songs that I play on the flute Breath.mp3

                       Ritchie "Thunderhorse" White                                               Dances With Spirit Horse                             


 Ritchie White Is an Author/Songwriter. He has published two books and two CD's One of which is his Native Single "He was a Warrior" To learn more about Ritchie White you can log onto

Ritchie Whites Website

to purchase a copy of his Native CD go to Was A Warrior.wav





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